Thursday, July 23, 2009


Two seconds ago I posted (and immediately deleted) something that I though was just casual, non-chalant... and then I realized that it had a complete OTHER MEANING and I audibly gasped and went back and deleted it.

I am having one of those "all-too-often" moments of my life where I have said something and people look at each other and giggle and it's not until later that I realize "Oh. Shoot. What do they think I meant?!?"

To illustrate past occurences much like this one, here's a little story: Once upon a time, I was chit chatting with a good friend who lived about an hour away from me. Without thinking, I said "Hey, now that I have a car I can come visit you! Plus I have some friends that just moved out there!" Oy.

As if I were saying, "Yeah, I'll visit you, AND THEN I'll visit the people I consider friends! Two birds, one stone! Sweeet!"

After I managed to wiggle my size 11 foot out of my pea-sized mouth, I just kind of had the thought "whydidn'tIthinkthatsentencethrough" going through my head on repeat all night long.

I'm not sure how google reader works... but if some of you had access to that last post, you have just witnessed one of those moments for me. Thanks for sharing. Or rather, thanks for reading.

PS To return to the original point of the first post in the FIRST PLACE... I am WAY excited to marry Harry in 2 days.