Sunday, May 20, 2012

We're not dead.

Things have been crazy busy.  I'm having a hard time believing that it's already the end of May, that graduation is around the corner, and that it's been two months since I last sent a shout out into the world of blogger.

And so, now, as Donny Osmond sang, "Let's get down to business to defeat the Huns."

Here’s a list of things we have done lately:
SF Giants games 

Cooking class date nights at Sur La Table with Harry- “Barcelona Nights.”
Imagine Dragons concert. They sold out the Independent in San Francisco, which is no easy feat. We met up with Dan, Aja, et al in the city and found a BBQ place that made us want to cry, it was so good. Then we sat back and enjoyed the best live music ever written.

Things I am currently into:
Nike running chip

Straws, which I steal shamelessly from In ‘N Out and the dining pavilion in the GSB at Stanford.

Wheat bread, which I make in 3 loaf batches now that I have 3 loaf pans (thank you Bed Bath and Beyond for timing your HUGE sale perfectly with my baking desires).

Diet Vernor’s Ginger Ale + Lime juice

Dark Guittard chocolate chips- eaten straight out of the bag. These never seem to make it into cookies.

Mint nail polish
Watermelon-- I ate a 15 pounder almost completely by myself 
over the course of this week and I am dying for more!
Working on this chevron quilt from old college t-shirts
Such a good book.

Stuff Harry is into:

He even got me hooked.
Open Mic Night

The Law School Musical
 Started writing code- and is now doubting his love for Law classes

Upside down push ups
Here There and Everywhere

These bad boys.

We also had the distinct pleasure and honor of getting a long visit from Merzy, Jeff, and Jude this past weekend!  I took some PTO from work (which was heavenly, and resulted in almost 100 unread emails that I get to catch up on tomorrow!) and had myself a wonderful time.  We ate at Pluto's, watched a movie on the projector, ate Sprinkles cupcakes until we were blue in the face, and of course ooohed and ahhhed at all of Jude's tricks.

Sorry Jeff and Merz, I know you were here too but it's undocumented seeing as
Juju stole the show with his adorable toddler ways.

That basically brings us up to date.  I'm tired now, so [insert snappy closing line here].