Thursday, October 29, 2009

Real. Really.

As of very recently, I went from imaginary and disposable temp to having a real job. In the real world.

They PAY me to do real office stuff. I make real coffee, answer real phones, and you know it's so real when I copy and collate like you've never seen.
One real hour at a time. $___ real dollars every hour.

Being a Sugar Mama is so legit.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Word

Me and Sarah are speaking in church tomorrow. [I know that's improper English. Deal with it. That's how I say it.] Sarah just invented a new word, in preparation:



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Charm

Well, we went!

Besides spending the day with Harry's fantastic folks at Pier 39...

We also experienced
The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,

Double Rainbow Chocolate Shakes (I will never have eyes for another chocolate shake again),

and we attempted to eat breakfast here at Go and Annie's suggestion. But the line was twice as intimidatingly long as the one in this picture (luckily we found an incredible breakfast place anyway!) and so we were forced to give up on it.
Thanks Reynoldsies! We had a great time!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Third time's a charm

Harry has still not been to San Francisco.

I know. Maximum lame of us.

We have had 2 attempts that didn't really COUNT.

Attempt #1: Alameda Ferry Trip

Our ward has a trip every fall where everyone meets at Giant's Stadium in San Francisco (note the word "meets." As in, meets in a parking lot. Not an official San Francisco experience) and take a ferry over to Alameda, a beautiful city that sits on the water and is also not San Francisco.
That isn't to say it wasn't beautiful! We had a glorious time going through the neighborhoods where the water flows to make a river for all the backyards. Everyone even has little boats tied up behind their houses. We walked along the water to get lunch. These neighborhoods are also teeming with ducks, one of which in particular Harry was particularly fond of.

As we walked by Giant's stadium I attempted to snap a picture of the team at a press conference. If only I was a Giant's fan.


Walking in the River Wonderland. I mean, suburbs.

Harry's favorite duck-- complete with afro and attitude.

Snapshot of Alameda. That's San Fran BEHIND us (this picture vaguely showcases my freshly cut bangs, but not really). Also a snapshot of hot man with glasses.

Attempt #2:

Driving to San Francisco last Saturday. We left our apartment at 11:20 am, and returned at 1:45 pm, never once getting out of the car. Did we know before we left that there would be an airshow by the Blue Angels that day and that the entire city would be in parking-lot-mode traffic, with not one actual parking spot to be found? Nee-yope. We did listen to quite a lot of Harry Nilsson, though. And I did manage to get one picture from the car. A noteworthy San Francisco discovery.Harrison Street. Where hot blonde men are a-plenty, I'm sure. My camera died shortly after this picture. Just as well, I suppose.

Attempt #3: The Ron-and-Tene-Reynolds attempt.

More to come on that... soon. Rest assured, we will actually spend time in that city, apart from cars/parking lots.

Not to fear, San Fran! We will prevail!

I’m not going to make it a habit to blog about celebrities. I should say that part up front.

These two are getting married.

When I heard it I was really excited. Like, suspiciously excited. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I felt so outrageously in favor of these two getting together, tying their proverbial boats (well, yachts) together, having a wedding with pictures to probably be published in a People magazine and sold in a check-out stand for me to read while Harry pays for groceries, and eventually producing little trust-fund mini-thems.

Then I put my finger on the very thing.

Think back to October 2006- February 2007. Bush was still President, the last Harry Potter book hadn’t been written, and video iPods were about $150 more than they cost now. I was going through my very first real break up, and having an interesting time of it. At the tender age of 19 I felt a little blue about the whole thing. Even though I didn't regret breaking up, the sense of loss was very tangible to me.

(Cue hazy and twinkly montage of my 19 year old self with some unspecified Keane song playing in the background, sitting in my Provo apartment at my desk on Merzy’s Macbook at some unknown but late hour…)

There were two things I watched when I felt a little down. They were


(Specifically Season 2. The show has never been able to top it.)

Watching these shows made those quiet and melancholy nights a bit cheerful. I’ll admit I even cut bangs like Anne Hathaway’s after a few viewings (this turned out to be one of my favorite hair eras).

It seems only right and appropriate that an actor from each of my comfort shows should be matrimonially united. The universe has acheived balance. For now.