Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It's a boy!


Katie B. said...

Hooray! I love my little boy. I confess, though, that before we had our big ultrasound I had been kind of feeling like we were having a girl, and I was a little disappointed and worried when I heard the news. "I don't know how to handle boys!" I thought. But now we both just love him to bits. Like you said in your earlier post, it's YOUR baby. That's why it's awesome.

Joe Meservy said...

YES! Congratulations!

Alisha said...

Boys might love their mom more, so prepare to be adored. Ruffley dresses can't compete with peanut butter kisses. Wait and see.

Savannah Lianne Jarina said...

Congratulations both of you. Nice to hear that. Can't wait to see it. Great post. Really enjoying reading some of your comments.

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